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Training and

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

For maximum effectiveness, CPD should  be viewed as a process, rather than as a one off event, and should be driven by staff needs.

With this in mind, in addition to offering ‘off-the-shelf’ training events, SB Psychology offers a fully rounded CPD service that can potentially involve training needs analysis, development of specifically tailored training activities, follow up CPD activities and evaluation.

Many establishments have indicated that, rather than having to free up staff at inconvenient times to attend training events, it would be easier for them to have in-house training at a time of their choice; usually in the evening.

SB Psychology is happy to provide in-house training and to do so at a time that suits you.

Costs of training and CPD will vary depending upon the specific needs being met, but are always reasonable and highly competitive.

'Off the shelf' training is currently available in the following areas:

• Creating an autism-friendly learning environment

• The nature and management of autistic spectrum disorders

• Positive target setting

• Positive behaviour management

• Observation techniques

• Promoting play skills

If you would be interested in training in these or to discuss the training needs of your organisation,  please phone us on  07794 103531 or email us directly. 


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Tel: 07794 103531