Tel: 07794 103531

A full range of Educational Psychology Services is available: 

Assessment work; report writing; consultation; advice, training and CPD activities for educators, parents and carers; training needs analyses, intervention; involvement in planning meetings; construction of programmes of behaviour management... and more.

Solution focused problem solving

Stuart is a solution focused practitioner who helps clients to explore their own strengths and skills and to set achievable targets. Facilitating this requires experience and skilful use of a process of collaborative problem solving that recognises that the people who know a situation best are usually those who are right in the middle of it!

Solution focused, collaborative problem solving is a powerful and effective technique that looks at what is already working and develops practical strategies that can be used at home and in other settings.

Skype sessions/online support

Want an 8pm Skype meeting?

No problem!

As a father of two teenage daughters, (both of whom are still speaking to him...mostly), Stuart knows how busy life can be and how hard it is to be a parent in the 21st century!

Whether it is a counselling session or an educational consultation, SB Psychology offers a range of ways to interact,

from face to face meeting to Skype, telephone, text and messenger.

You can use our services with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency, all organised at times that suit you.

Tel: 07794 103531


For Assessment to be meaningful it should be purposeful, contextual and appropriate to the situation. 

SB Psychology offers assessment via consultation, observation, consideration of existing information, collaborative problem solving and via traditional psychometric tools, in response to the individual needs of each client and situation.


Once again, this can take a range of forms – including such things as direct work with children and young people on anger and behaviour management, person centred planning, assertiveness techniques, and anxiety management. Indirect work with those who are caring for or educating a young person might take the form of advice regarding the management of challenging behaviour and the construction and use of a structured programme of behaviour management.

International relocation

Support and transition planning for children and young people, including educational assessment when this is requested as part of the admissions process to a new school, or to help inform the process of moving between schools.

Research and project work

SB Psychology can provide direct or indirect advice or involvement in research and project work, ranging from small scale, action research such as piloting and evaluating a new pre-reading scheme, to larger scale research and project work such as introducing a whole school behaviour policy and the evaluation of impact. Whether you are looking to develop a practice within an establishment, or a piece of work to be published in a national journal, SB Psychology can help.

Staff training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A range of training and continuing professional development activities is available for staff who work with children and young people. See the Training page for details.


Rates are £950 for a full psychometric assessment including a comprehensive written report with recommendations.

Training and CPD work – price by negotiation.

All other work - including telephone and on-line support and counselling, is charged at £100 per hour.

Payment by instalments is available on request.



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