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About Stuart Bull

Stuart is an Educational Psychologist who has worked in the North East of Scotland since 1993.  

He has studied at the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Strathclyde and worked as a Primary School Teacher in Glasgow before entering the world of Educational Psychology.

Stuart has worked as an Educational Psychologist in several Scottish Local Authorities.  From 1993 until 2018 he was Senior Educational Psychologist in South Aberdeenshire. He is now delighted to be able to offer his services in a private capacity across the North East of Scotland and beyond.

Stuart is Chartered by the British Psychological society and Regulated by the Health Professional Council.

Tel: 07794 103531

SB Psychology can help

If you are a parent or carer who has concerns about the learning or development of a child or young person, then you are in the right place!

SB Psychology can carry out the right assessments and collaborate with parents, young people and other professionals, in order to ensure that there is a shared understanding of any challenges and issues being encountered by the young person, and that those involved in supporting them have an understanding of what strategies and steps are going to be useful to them.

Stuart can help with things like:

Dyslexia, learning difficulties, attention difficulties, attendance problems, school and nursery issues, tantrums, positive behaviour management, parenting advice, autistic spectrum disorders, dyspraxia and special examination arrangements.

For school and others working with children and young people, SB Psychology can provide staff training/CPD and training needs analysis; consultation, assessment, research and evaluation; direct and indirect intervention.


SB Psychology offers a full range of Educational Psychology services across the North of Scotland and beyond. Services are offered to parents, carers and educators of children and young people, staff who work in Primary, Secondary and Nursery Schools, Day Care providers... anyone who is interested or involved in the care or education of children and young people.

See the Services page for more details.

Whether you are a concerned parent or a manager of a educational facility, initial discussions about how SB Psychology may be able to help are free of charge.



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